Our Mission

We are passionate about driving change and committed to being a brand that has strong ethics.

Our mission is to be part of a new normal, where brands inspire customers to address big societal challenges.

From packaging, to product, to how we engage with our customers - we pledge to always strive to improve our end to end processes.

Our goal is to have a brand that our girls will grow up to be proud of. They are the heart of Sia baby, and everything we do is to help give them a happy, positive future.

As a brand, we will continue to evolve and we cannot wait to share our milestones with you!

We care about the environment

All Sia baby carriers are made from 100% pure organic linen, meeting the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certifications.

We are so proud of this certification, as it means our carriers are free from harmful chemicals, so they are extra safe for you and your precious family.

The magic of linen

We like to think of linen as an extension of the Sia baby family…it is one of the reasons our carriers are so very special.

Linen is made from flax crop, a crop that is loved and nurtured throughout it’s life-cycle.

Just like your journey to parenthood, once the plant begins to bloom, the unique transformation process begins.

From harvesting, soaking, combing and spinning the fibres, the thoughtful practice results in luxurious linen ribbons.

These ribbons are then made into the material known as linen – a material that is renowned for its softness and breathable nature.

We use consciously sourced natural fibres

Sia baby carriers are designed to be a second skin, creating an environment that is flexible, durable and gentle for you and your little one.

To ensure we reduce pollution and our contribution to wastewater discharges, our eco friendly dyeing technology also meets a global set of environmental standards (STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®).

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