What do you get the woman who has it all? It’s a maddening age-old question and one that resurfaces annually on Mother’s Day each May. Why? Because finding the perfect gift for someone who’s been spoiling you all your life is no easy feat.

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Gingham - For a new or soon-to-be mum, a beautifully-crafted baby carrier never goes wrong. Crafted in organic linen with vegan hardware and coming in three colourways, Sia Baby’s signature carrier is adjustable and certified ‘hip-healthy.’ Simple, chic and safe.

Mama Mia: "I travel on the reg with little kids. Here are 12 things I always pack to make life easier".

3. An equally sturdy-AF baby carrier.

On the topic of being hands-free, a baby carrier is also a must. Contact naps on the go become the norm at airports so you’re going to want something comfortable for both you and bub. I’m a big fan of Sia Baby’s super-chic and practical gingham carrier. It’s got multiple ergonomic wearing positions, a baby bottle holder, plus the best feature for travel –pockets! I repeat, pockets, so you can easily access your passports without having to turn your bag upside down. A carrier will be your go-to when you’re on holiday, too. It’s the ideal way to explore off-road terrain that might not be pram-friendly.

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Meet Mama Muses  - childhood friends Alexandra and Chantelle co founders of Sia baby. Sia baby are best known for their premium, luxurious carriers that have practicality to match.

We sat down with the girls to chat about all things business, parenting and learn more about Sia baby and their journey so far.

Alexandra and Chantelle


How did Sia baby come to life - was this something you always wanted to do? 

We are childhood friends, who had always spoken about starting a business together, but it wasn’t until we were both pregnant and then on mat leave together, that we really started exploring the art of the possible!

From the get-go, we both had clear swims lanes on how we could approach a business relationship. With a background in Primary Teaching (Chantelle) and Marketing (Alex), we knew our key differences would in fact be our strengths.

From the moment we both had children, we knew we wanted to create a life for ourselves that was more flexible – allowing us to spend more quality time with our families. And while we both still have day-jobs, our passion to develop Sia baby quickly became all consuming.

As many working mums will agree, you become a professional multi-tasker quickly! So any chance we got (from early morning and late night calls to countless weekends hijacked), we were in the land of Sia baby.

When was the moment that you felt like it was something that was all coming together and gave you the confidence to take that leap of faith? 

After having children of our own, and trying various baby carriers, nothing on the market seemed to have what we needed as new parents. It soon became our mission to design a baby carrier that not only looked stylish, but also had a range of unique functions that would make parenting just a little bit easier!

During the product development stage, we allowed ourselves to entertain lots of wild ideas, and go down many rabbit holes. We agreed, we didn’t want to rush the process to get our carriers to market – we wanted to create something that really delivered on what we said it would. We had to create a product that would actually help make life easier for parents.

It was about six prototypes in before we had that goosebump moment! We put the carrier on and didn't have to say anything to each other…the pure joy & satisfaction was written all over our faces.

Alexandra and Chantelle

I know personally on my journey with little, there are times where I struggle with “Imposter syndrome”  is this something that you encountered in the early days, or even still deal with now? How do you deal with this when it pops up and what advice can you offer those women who are in the same headspace. 

Alex: Returning to full time work after maternity leave, I had a massive identity crisis. I realised my priorities had shifted and while I had always been driven by success in my career– it no longer defined me. I wanted to spend every waking moment with my little girl! Coming back to a high-pressure role, with lots of responsibility scared me – and I really questioned ‘how on earth am I going to do XYZ and still be a good wife and mother’.

And the answer then lay in the question. Why do women feel they must ‘do it all’?

Mum guilt is such a real thing, and my biggest advice to mamas is to be kind to yourself and give yourself time to adapt to your new normal. I would also say you will surprise yourself – and often working mums are the hardest working, most dedicated people at the table!

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BEHIND THE BRAND: When two best friends make baby carrier magic

When childhood best friends Alexandra Caisey and Chantelle Lewis became mothers, they noticed a gap in the baby carrier market. Sure, there was a whole range of functional carriers out there, but where were the fashionable ones?

“We wanted to feel more like ‘us’ again and felt a lot of the carriers on the market made us feel frumpy and didn’t have the functions you need with a growing family,” the Sydney-based business owners explain of their lightbulb moment when they dreamt up their business idea four years ago. 

Enter Sia baby — comfortable, functional, and stylish baby carriers made from luxurious linen. With three hand-illustrated and gender-neutral prints, Sia baby is the ultimate babywearing accessory for the fashion-forward mum or dad. Because who said we can’t look good while soothing our unsettled newborns to sleep?

With three daughters between them, Chantelle and Alex know exactly what a busy parent on the go needs and the Sia baby carriers boast a slew of game-changing features, including easy-access pockets for all your essentials (think nappies, wipes, phone), a baby bottle holder, and multiple ergonomic wearing positions. 

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A new baby carrier has today officially launched, promising to be the most considered and unique design on the market.

Four years in the making, Sia baby was established by two young mums on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, who based on their first-hand experiences with other baby carriers, wanted to create something truly unique. 

Founders Alexandra Caisey and Chantelle Lewis, discovered the market was limited to carriers that either looked stylish or had good functional features but nothing that combined both.

“After having children of our own and trying various baby carriers, nothing on the market seemed to have what was needed as a new parent.  It became our mission to design a carrier that was convenient, comfortable and functional – without compromising on style.” explained Chantelle.  

With arguably the world’s most considered and unique design, Sia baby’s carriers not only look beautiful, stylish and lux, they have functional features no other soft carrier has; all designed to make life as easy as possible when carrying little ones.  

“We are a 100% Australian owned business, and our carriers are breathable, light-weight, cozy and are designed to grow with your baby, allowing sufficient head support so your little one has room to move, all whilst feeling fully secure and safe.” explains Alexandra.  

Available exclusively online at, Sia baby’s range launches with three stunning limited edition prints, hand-illustrated by Australian Creative Director, Erin Donati from the Darling Assembly who is also a mum and business owner.  The prints, Sand, Botanical and Gingham are all gender neutral so a perfect fit for baby boys, girls and parents.  

Shipping globally with same day delivery on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Sia baby’s carriers are the only baby item you’ll need when leaving the house; there is a spot for all your parent and baby needs so no need for bulky nappy bags! 

Designed in Australia using 100% pure organic linen*, and vegan hardware, Sia baby’s carriers use eco-friendly dyeing technology meeting the Global [environmental] STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certifications.

Key features of Sia baby carriers include: 

  • Baby bottle holder for water / cold drink - a world-first in the soft carrier market
  • Convenient pockets for baby essentials i.e. nappy, wipes, keys etc.
  • Front panel for easy access and release
  • Privacy Hood, giving baby extra comfort & protection when sleeping
  • Gender neutral hand-illustrated prints 
  • Vegan leather hardware 
  • Multiple ergonomic wearing positions
  • Padded waistband for extra support and comfort when wearing
  • Matching linen dust bag – making it even easier to transport your carrier
  • Adjustable height & weight guide to create the natural healthy hips ‘M position’ for your infant
  • 'X' style back straps to ensure the weight of your baby is evenly distributed

Sia baby’s carriers are also designed to be a second skin, creating an environment that is flexible, durable and gentle for you and your little one.

Founders Alexandra and Chantelle know first-hand how important it is to feel empowered and confident when carrying your baby.  So for a limited time, the business is offering free video consultations to help parents understand all the features of the carriers and get the most out of them.  

Sia baby is a socially conscious brand; committed to giving back to the community, including donating $1 from every sale to our nominated charities. 

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