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Welcome to The Carrier Diaries ~
A space for our community to connect with inspiring mother's who are strong advocates for doing motherhood their way. These modern-day muses are pursing their passions while navigating pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood.
To kick off this series, we'd like to introduce you to the face behind The Candid Files - a photography business that captures family life and turns it into art.
Sammy Mather The Candid Files
From the moment we met Sammy, we got major girl-crush vibes. Her warm, friendly nature is instantly calming, a true testament to how she makes you feel in front of the camera.
Beyond being a creative, wife and business owner - Sammy is a first time mum to gorgeous Daisy girl (who you may have seen swaddled in our Mira & Gingham carriers).
So we invite you to sit back, pour a cup of tea and meet our first mama muse //
~ Sammy Mather ~
Sammy Mather
Congratulations on the birth of little Daisy girl! Tell us a little bit about how motherhood has changed you? 
Ooooff, I sat on this question for awhile. Some days I feel like I am a completely different person and other days - life is but the same (plus a gorgeous little human in it). The big worries seem irrelevant and you find meaning in all the little moments. Becoming a mother has enhanced my strengths in observing and listening. It has definitely changed the pace in which I live my life. Being a mother is truly magical and if it has changed me, I know it’s for the better.
Working with families and children must be so rewarding! How did The Candid Files come to life? 
The response I receive from all my clients when they receive their gallery makes my heart so full! There truly isn’t anything more special than capturing intimate and real moments with parents and children. ‘The Candid Files’ was a passion project that eventuated into my ‘first born’ and true love for photography. When my nephews were born I really wanted to capture their personalities and unique features - blow them up in large format prints to create art. My whole essence is capturing life and creating art. Allowing children to be children, not staging my images - allowing them run the session.  
Sammy Mather The Candid Files
Now that you're a mama, do you think it has changed the way you work? 
Most definitely - I am WAY more productive haha. I can now edit sessions in record time and write emails without getting distracted by that load of washing that needs hanging. When I have my ‘work’ time - it’s go time. This allows me to be fully present with Daisy in her wake periods as I feel I just nailed out so much work and don’t need to be checking emails or my phone!
Gingham Baby Carrier
Launching a business is a lot like having a baby! Do you have any advice for any mothers out there who have big dreams and want to take a leap of faith? 
Simply, ‘Don’t give up!’ - I know some days it may feel all too consuming, but if you have that passion and drive you can most definitely achieve it! Every business has started from just one idea. If you have that idea - write it down and talk about it, think about it and feel it (it will then in-turn become a reality). A simple tool I use is making a daily dot-point list that I cross off (so satisfying). These can be as simple as make my bed, write 2 x Emails, edit 5 x images, you have to make this achievable so you don’t feel defeated at the end of the day. 
Sammy Mather
From photography to editing, your work is based around the magic created with your hands (and eyes). Talk us through how baby-wearing has helped you transition back into work life?
Sia baby has saved my soul! I actually have my hands back! Any Mum will tell you how handy that is (no pun intended haha). Moving back into work, baby-wearing has allowed my to set up for my sessions easily and go about my editing in style ;) I have a stand-up desk at home for editing, so when the ‘mat leave’ setting turned off on my emails - I could happily spend an hour at my desk with her on me replying to clients. The fabric is just so luxurious and soft Daisy feels completely snug and happy! 
Want to get Candid with Sammy?
For 10% off your future booking, simply mention SIABABY for your exclusive discount.
The Candid Files is a Byron Bay business, with a pop-up studio day in SYD and MELB - coming soon! Send @thecandidfiles a DM with your email address to be on the list.

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