6 kids, 2 babies & alot of babywearing! Meet the Sia baby mamas

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Meet four women who have pursued their passions, faced adversity and raised 8 children between them. Today we say hello to the devoted mums behind Sia baby.

Sia baby mothers and children


What does motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood for me is the act of being selfless - being a protective mama bear. From the moment your children are born, your heart now sits outside your body.  Motherhood is an intoxicating love, filled with so many highs (and of course some prickly moments), but it is a ride I feel very fortunate to be on! With the addition of little Jack to our family - I am really loving this season of our life.

How has babywearing changed for you over the years?

From Isla to Jack, my day-to-day needs changed drastically. As Isla transitioned from 'only-child' to 'big-sister', the need to be hands-free became imperative to helping us juggle the new family dynamic.

I loved babywearing with Isla, so much so that I found myself pulling away from the pram & reaching for my carrier time and time again. But with most carriers, the downfall is you still have to pack a heavy baby bag to take all your parenting essentials. 

It was here that the idea of Sia baby was born: a baby carrier that was compact, convenient and had all the functionalities a modern parent would need.

What was your biggest 'ah-ha' moment since becoming a mum?

Only when I became a mum, could I truly appreciate the sacrifices my own mother made to raise me. During the late night feeds, or days juggling sick kids & work - I often think about my mum having to navigate that alone. Being a single mum, she had to wear many hats, and I only now truly appreciate how challenging that would have been.

Alexandra and Chantelle with daughters


What does motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood is the greatest, most rewarding job in the world. Yes, there is no denying that it can be overwhelming and that we have our days/weeks/months, but being my girl's biggest cheerleader and supporting them in navigating this crazy world, is what it's all about. I feel like it's topped off with the belly laughs, midnight bed visitors, bear cuddles, band aids & ice packs, but most of all the words "I love you mummy". 

How has babywearing changed for you over the years?

Babywearing was something I mastered from the get-go with Siana-Rose. Being the first of my social group to have a child, I didn't want to miss out on special friendship events and fortunately a carrier went where prams just could not. 

After giving birth to Arlia-Mae, it was a juggle to say the least, to keep up with a toddler on a bike, whilst chasing her down the beach front with a newborn in the pram, not to mention ballet and gymnastics classes where Rosie wanted my full participation. This all quickly became possible whilst babywearing. 

Our Sia baby carriers were designed from these types of moments. We wanted to create a home-away from home, so that you could be hands-free (literally no handbag needed) to keep up with what life throws at us. 

What's a favourite moment for the memory bank?

Walking hand in hand with Rosie (my 5 year old), having a full blown deep & meaningful chat..I remember thinking where did this awesome, mature little human come from - and what have you done with my baby?  I had to stop and pinch myself...my husband and I created this respectful and grateful little girl. I forever want to freeze time during these moments with my girls.


~ ERIN ~ 

What does motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood to me can be summarised as just the most beautiful chaos.
At times (and all at once) it can feel messy, exhausting, relentless, and lonely - every day is full of interruptions, negotiations, minimal personal space, and ignored to-do lists. But all of that is far, far outweighed by the pure and overwhelming love, the fun and magic found in little moments and the sense of pride I feel every day seeing my boys grow and begin to become their own little people with their wonderfully unique personalities.
How has babywearing changed for you over the years?
I have always loved babywearing, but for me it's changed from 'something I did to help settle my baby when he was fussy and I needed to cook dinner' to 'an actual everyday necessity'!
Having my hands free when we're out and about just makes everything SO much easier. A quick trip to the shops, a family walk on the beach, a morning at the park - my youngest is always happy and snug cuddling up to me in his Sia Baby carrier. Now he's big enough to be front facing in the carrier he loves watching the world from his comfy little safe position, and I'm still able to wrangle the other 2, push swings, carry the shopping, the kid's bags, toys, snacks, and sometimes the other kids, with Alf safe and snug inside his carrier. It's also so quick and easy to get him in and out of the carrier - I actually don't know what I would do without it. 
Favourite thing about being a mum?
My favourite thing about being a mum has to just be the love I get to experience. It's just true, unconditional, absolute love. Overwhelming, heart bursting, obssessively-looking-at-cute-photos-of-them-while-they-sleep-even-though-I've-been-waiting-for-bed-time-all-day love. And also, the way they force me to slow down and see the magic in everyday life. The way my kids can cheer me up, reset my priorities, and help me immediately realise what's important in life whenever everything going on feels like a lot. 
Erin in Coral baby carrier



What does motherhood mean to you?

Becoming a mum has changed my life is so many ways.  I never realised just how much love I have to give until I had my son Ollie.  Your protector instincts kick in almost instantly and you’d do absolutely anything for them. 

Motherhood gives me so much purpose in life. 

How did babywearing help you?

Babywearing is an absolute game changer.  Sure a pram is great but a baby carrier means you can pretty much go anywhere, anytime. 

I also found it so helpful when Ollie was a baby, even wearing it around our house. I could just pop him in my carrier and take him with me. 

You never realise how great carriers are until you need one!

How are you planning to spend mother's day?

Each year is always a surprise from my husband so I can’t wait to see what he’s organised for this year!  The most important thing for me though is to spend it with my family and be present for my little boy. 

I also try and make some time to reflect on being a mum on this day, and be grateful for all the things motherhood brings.

While the days can feel long, the years are SO short so I try and enjoy every moment of Motherhood.  I’ve become so aware that these are the moments you never get back, so I’m cherishing them every single day. I was never really the maternal type, but Motherhood has become my life’s greatest joy.Michelle and Ollie

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