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Sia baby founders

Collection 02 follows the next chapter in our motherhood journey - taking inspiration from our experiences to create three new timeless prints.

Encapsulating rustic elegance and contemporary silhouettes, Mira, Bermuda and Coral use watercolor brushwork to bring to life a rich mix of earthy tones.

Drawing on their heritage and personal journeys - Head Designer Erin and Founders Alexandra & Chantelle give you an intimate insight into the creation of the next Sia baby instalment.


A collection of circular silhouettes symbolising the completion of the family unit. Mira is the feeling of savouring every 'first' moment, knowing it is the last of the magical 'firsts'. Mira is the feeling of being content knowing your family is whole.

Mira baby carrier


Inspired by co-founder Alexandra's motherland, the delicate linework is an abstract take on the Bermuda palms. Known for its breathtaking beaches, blended cultures (and a hint of mystery), the layered watercolour base of green, blue and gold depicts the luxurious nature of island-life. 

Bermuda baby carrier


The continuous swirls of the paintbrush represent motherhood: delicate, wild and beautiful. The pastel ocean blue swirls are a nod to our coastal surroundings. We often look to nature for moments of calmness and healing. The pop of colour has been coupled with a creamy duck egg base to create the perfect muted tone.

Coral baby carrierCoral baby carrier


Shoot Behind the Scenes

Being a small business, we have been lucky enough to connect with our customers on a personal basis - often building friendships with them beyond purchase. When developing our shoot concepts, casting real life mums & babies has always been an integral part of our brand.

Sia baby behind the scenes

Collection 02 spotlights three Sia baby mums: Amy, Tetchie and Natalie who have five gorgeous children between them. It was a privilege to be in the presence of such strong, inspiring women who juggle mum-life with class and style - and the proof is in the pudding! We were blown away with the dreamy imagery produced on the day (and fell in love with the stars of the show - baby Lola, Sofia and Maddox).

Limited units of Collection 02, available for pre-sale early May.

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